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Florida State University salutes the organizers of three annual events, co-hosted by our Supplier Diversity Program.  Participation in these events is our way of saying “Thank you!” for helping to broaden our base of suppliers to handle our purchasing and contracting needs.  Each event provides excellent opportunities to not only network with other business owners, but to also receive up-to-date insight on the latest issues affecting small businesses in North Florida.  Additionally, local purchasing representatives (state, universities, city, county & school board) come together in one room to share how to do business with their agency and to note future contract opportunities that are available during one-on-one sessions.

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You can access each of these events from the Supplier Diversity Program webpage below.


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Tallahassee Chamber Leads Groups

The Tallahassee Chamber’s Leads Groups are comprised of local business people who share a simple belief – that they can be more successful together than on their own. Through leads, referrals, sharing of best practices and encouraging each other common experiences, each group builds a network of trust and confidence that helps its members thrive.

To learn more, visit http://talchamber.com/member-center/leads-groups/

Tallahassee Chamber Business Nuts and Bolts

The Tallahassee Chamber’s Business Nuts & Bolts is much more than early-morning networking. The program consistently provides dynamic speakers with presentations aimed at the heart of small-business success, a business card exchange and recognition for new member/first-time attendees, plus a great breakfast to start the day.

To learn more, visit http://talchamber.com/events/business-nuts-bolts/

Tallahassee Chamber Networking at Noon

The Tallahassee Chamber’s Networking at Noon provides our members the opportunity to have a casual business lunch with three other members in a relaxed and stress free environment. Formerly called ConnectForLunch, Networking at Noon is a Chamber-managed networking program exclusive to Chamber members and will feature monthly lunches at member restaurants. Everything is arranged for you: the restaurant, the reservation for lunch, a reserved table and the three other business people. All you have to do is show up!

To learn more, visit http://talchamber.com/events/networking-noon/

Tallahassee Chamber Lunch and Learn Series

The Tallahassee Chamber’s Lunch and Learn Series is a free monthly workshop conducted by local business experts, Chamber board members and associates of our Chamber partners. The workshops feature a wide variety of topics that are helpful for anyone involved with a business, from owners and managers to entry-level employees. This is a free event for Chamber members. Attendees bring their brown bag lunch.

Held monthly (excluding July, August and December) attendees receive the technical assistance in customer service, communication, time management, leadership and more, all during their lunch break.

To learn more, visit http://talchamber.com/events/lunch-learn-series/

Tallahassee Chamber’s Professional Women’s Forum

Since 1985, Professional Women’s Forum has provided a lunchtime program featuring women leaders sharing advice for professional and personal growth. For the new fiscal year, the Chamber kicked-off an enhanced Professional Women’s Forum program titled “CEO Series.” The new Women’s Forum program features distinguished leaders from our community and region going beyond their bios to provide attendees with tools, strategies and takeaways for their own success, all in an informal, interactive setting.

To learn more, visit http://talchamber.com/events/professional-womens-forum/

Tallahassee Chamber Annual Community Conference

The Annual Tallahassee Chamber Community Conference brings together all elements of the business community, from home-based entrepreneurs to key business and political leaders, to discuss real issues affecting our region’s future. With breakout sessions, networking opportunities and plenty of fun, this conference allows attendees to make connections that will last a lifetime. Always held out of town in a resort location, the weekend is a mix of business and pleasure for the whole family.

To learn more, visit http://talchamber.com/events/annual-chamber-conference/

Tallahassee Chamber Membership Briefings

Tallahassee Chamber Membership Briefings are typically held every two weeks at the Chamber to provide new members, businesses interested in joining the Chamber and new employees of existing members with a solid overview of our many benefits, services, programs and events. The goal is to assist members in creating a plan of involvement to help identify potential clients and increase their bottom line.

To learn more, visit http://talchamber.com/events/membership-briefing/

Access Tallahassee

Young professionals need a reason to stay in Tallahassee, and the Access program provides them with plenty. Since 2006, Access has been connecting and engaging emerging, young professionals in innovative and creative ways to help them build business relationships, develop personally and professionally and become part of the business community. Getting started is never easy, but Access provides the tools and camaraderie to make the transition just a little bit easier.

To learn more, visit http://talchamber.com/affiliates/access-tallahassee/

Leadership Tallahassee

Leadership Tallahassee is a year-long program that educates and encourages participants to actively seek positive and constructive changes in their community through leadership roles. Participants build a network of community trustees who enhance their problem solving skills and leadership abilities through shared perspectives and working together. Qualified applicants must have demonstrated leadership capabilities in the public or private sector or show a motivation to contribute to the Tallahassee community.

To learn more, visit http://leadershiptallahassee.com/